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MPS Scheduler is a unique, calendar-based event planning system designed to improve organizational effectiveness. You will find it a valuable resource in reducing the amount of time it takes to plan and schedule work. All the information you need to get the job done is contained within one source. No more digging through employee files and searching for procedures! The click of a button takes you to employee skills, equipment, safety messages, activities, and much more. Scheduling of complex maintenance procedures and routine day-to-day tasks are handled with ease. The final product of your data entry will be an event calendar that MPS Scheduler creates from your information. Scheduled tasks can be viewed and printed by month, day, or by any selected date range.

  • It Improves -

  • The ease and accuracy of budgeting

  • Compliance with regulatory agencies such as OSHA

  • Your ability to respond to changes in work requirements

  • It Provides -

  • Clear documentation of your organization's responsibilities

  • Increased departmental accountability

  • Detailed procedures to work crews

  • It Reduces -

  • Expensive equipment breakdowns and hazards

  • Planning time

  • Labor costs thru efficient planning and scheduling

          Operates on Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP, Windows NT and MAC OS.

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