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Assests In addition to a form view of assets, the mps Utility Manager® has a tree view that shows the structure of assets and their parts. For example, a water treatment facility can be made up of several buildings, tanks and equipment. Each of these in turn can have components and the data for each different kind of component is presented in a different form that details the data appropriate for that item. The tree view is a common point of focus for assets. The groups can be expanded and collapsed. Structure can be observed. Work orders can be created and managed. Various data can be accessed by clicking on file folder tabs, including purchasing information, spare parts, safety considerations, maintenance and inspection scheduling, drawings, maps, pictures, verbal notes, and attached material. Where appropriate, customer data tabs are included, as are tabs for sequencing wire and pipe connections.

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          Operates on Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP, Windows NT and MAC OS.

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